Board of Directors


Picture of Mark Halabecki, Chair of the Board of Directors

Mark Halabecki


Mark joined The Rural Cupboard Food Bank in 2000 and carries on his mother's (Parvin Halabecki) legacy of public service.  Mark has served as a student volunteer, shopper, Treasurer, Vice-Chair, and most recently Chair of the Board for the last 10 years.  Mark is a Registered Social Worker by profession for the past 12 years, and currently works with individuals with chronic pain and mental health.  He is passionate about advocating for clients through his work, union involvement (OPSEU), and volunteering with the Food Bank and the Oliver Paipoonge Fire & Emergency Services and other community agencies.

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Kevin Halabecki


Kevin joined The Rural Cupboard Food Bank in 2000. He is currently Vice-Chair and helps guide the operations of the Food Bank as per his mother's vision of food security for all.  He has helped the Food Bank in many ways over the past 20 years, including as a "shopper" and with many fundraisers.  He, his wife, and their 22 month old son live in Oliver Paipoonge.  He also volunteers with the Oliver Paipoonge Fire and Emergency Services.  He continues to carry on his parents' service to the community.

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Kimm White


Kimm and her family moved to Oliver Paipoonge in 2012 because they wanted to raise their son out in the country.  They both wanted to give back to their community whist teaching their young son the meaning of altruism by example.  Her husband joined the volunteer firefighting team in the fall of 2012 and Kimm was welcomed to the Rural Cupboard Food Bank Family in January of 2013. Her husband and son have joined her in her efforts with the Food Bank and have volunteered with fundraising, shopping, delivery, stocking and participating on Food Bank Day. They love contributing to the collective communitys well-being and hope to be able to continue their efforts for a long time to come.

Picture of Gladys Grant, Public Relations Coordinator for the Food Bank

Gladys Grant


Gladys is one of the founding members of the Rural Cupboard Food Bank since it opened in 2000.  She has been volunteering with the Food Bank since then, serving on the board in differing capacities, including: Chair, Vice-Chair, and most recently as the Public Relations Coordinator for the past several years.  She continues to be an integral member of the board and helping at each of the food distribution days.

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Lucy Kloosterhuis


Lucy is Mayor of Oliver Paipoonge and has been appointed by her Council to be a representative on the Board. Lucy currently serves on the Executive Committee and the Budget Committee.

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Leslie Kivisto


Leslie is a council appointed member for Conmee Township for the Rural Cupboard Food Bank. She has lived in Conmee for almost 5 years and is very happy to be a part of the community.  When she initially found out about the Rural Cupboard Food Bank, she was very pleased that such an important resource is right in Conmee. Once her term on council began, she volunteered to sit on the board as she was very interested in contributing to such a vital organization. She is thankful to have this opportunity and has truly enjoyed working with all of the board members.